Demon Slayer

The Hashira Ring

$69 USD
Ring Material:
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Limited .925 sterling silver restock


  • 1x The Hashira Ring
  • 1x Stone Hashira Paper Clip Chain
  • 1x NAnimerica Lux Carrying Case
  • 1x NAnimerica Gold Accent Pouch


  • Titanium or .925 Sterling Silver
  • Weight: 4-8 Grams


  • Titanium
  • 3mm Width
  • Chain Length: 55cm + 5cm Extender (22in + 2in)


The all-around metal. Titanium is lightweight with the best strength-to-weight ratio. Our most durable and dependable option.

Sterling Silver

Our precious metal option. Sterling Silver is a lightweight metal made of 92.5% pure silver. Sterling Silver showcases very fine details compared to titanium. However, it is less durable and will tarnish over time.

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GEN-II rings

the process

Each ring showcases all sword-wielding hashira's signature hilt - don't worry you also get the stone hashira's signature chain that attaches his axe and flail!

The hilts are multi-dimensional giving depth on the surface of the ring. Showcase your favorite hashira by centering the hilt on your finger.

titanium vs. sterling silver

choose your metal

Our titanium version is our most durable and tarnish-resistant option. Great option for individuals with precious metal sensitivities.

Sterling silver is our precious metal option showcasing deeper design intricacies. However, sterling silver does tarnish and is less durable. Nothing a polishing cloth can't fix!

Each ring is uniquely oxidized for better fine details. No two rings are the same!



Upgrade your unboxing experience with our signature premium packaging, curated to add a touch of luxury to every order.

Indulge in the thrill of receiving not just a purchase, but a personalized gift encased in a stunning package, making every unboxing a moment to remember.

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